Monday, March 16, 2020

WILA takes precautions against COVID-19

The health of our employees and customers is extremely important to us. Therefore we closely follow the developments and following the reporting of the RIVM with regard to the Corona virus and we will take the appropriate precautions. Wherever possible, working at home is facilitated for our employees. 
Contact between our factory and office staff is limited as much as possible. Business trips as well as physical customer appointments and internal meetings are cancelled. Meetings will take place by phone / online as much as possible.

All employees who are present at WILA are asked to follow the guidelines for personal protection and hygiene, including washing hands regularly and respect for distance between people. A sufficient amount of disinfectants are available for all employees at WILA.

You can still contact us via e-mail and phone or order your tooling 24/7 online via our Webshop.
We continue to  follow all reports regarding the Coronavirus closely.

WILA takes precautions against COVID-19

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