Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WILA Tool Advisor: the perfect press brake tool selected, designed and ordered online

A few months after successfully launching its web portal, WILA will be introducing its WILA Tool Advisor at the EuroBlech tradeshow (25 - 29 October 2016 in Hannover).
This high-end engineering tool allows end users to make a decision online about which press brake tools are best suited to their specific bending needs.
If the required tool is unavailable as a standard solution, it is possible to immediately design a special tool and order it online. This is what makes the WILA Tool Advisor so unique.  

End users

The WILA Tool Advisor is a way for press brake manufacturers and distributors of press brake tools to assist end users in solving their bending needs. In addition, the Tool Advisor is a clear sign that WILA not only thinks about hardware, but also gives end users an increasingly important role in their engineering process, which is in line with Industry 4.0.

Perfect example of convenience

The WILA Tool Advisor makes the designing of tools and tool applications easy. Upon opening an account on the, end users are guided through the Tool Advisor step-by step.  

The Tool Advisor can be used in two ways: to deal with a specific bending issue or to immediately design a special tool. In case of the latter, the end users must know which standard WILA tool needs to be modified in order to create a special tool for their bending need.

Best possible advice

In order to generate the best possible advice, the Tool Advisor allows end users to enter additional data like type of press brake, type of press brake tool and type and thickness of the intended material. Furthermore, end users can also create a two dimensional sketch of their plate products.  

The WILA Tool Advisor uses all these details to generate appropriate advice. When doing so, it first checks whether tools in the existing WILA New Standard Premium range are suitable for the bending issue. If possible, a variety of tools will be suggested and items such as price, load ability and general deploy ability will be specified. It will also mention how each suggestion scores for each of these factors. The result is end users will be able to make the tool selection based upon the data provided.

Design own special

Users are also given the opportunity to develop their own special tool online. Focus will be placed on selecting a tool from the existing WILA range, which comes as close as possible to resembling the ideal solution for the bending issue. If this approach is not effective, end users can modify and fine-tune the parameters of the tool to design the ideal solution for their bending issues - their own special.

Because the WILA Tool Advisor is part of the WILA Webshop, the price and delivery time for all solutions (also special tools) will be mentioned immediately. Naturally, it will also be possible to place an order.

Effective distributors  

Although the Tool Advisor reinforces relationships between WILA and its end users, it also increases the importance of the role played by WILA's Authorized Service Partners (ASP’s). More important in the sense that, as WILA distributors, they can offer better, more specific and more comprehensive advice and concrete solutions using the WILA Tool Advisor.  


WILA will be demoing the new WILA Tool Advisor at EuroBlech (October 25 – 29, 2016, Hannover) in hall 11, stand A101.


WILA Tool Advisor: the perfect press brake tool selected, designed and ordered online

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