Tuesday, February 7, 2017

WILA launches Tool Advisor: Fast and easy online tool advice!

A few months after successfully launching its Webshop, WILA has launched the Tool Advisor: a high-end engineering tool that assists customers in selecting the press brake tools which are best suited for their specific bending needs.

First introduced at the recent EuroBlech and Fabtech exhibitions, the Tool Advisor is now available at the WILA Webshop. If you already have a Webshop account, you can immediately start using the Tool Advisor.

Best possible tooling advice

In order to generate the best possible advice, the Tool Advisor allows you to enter additional data like the model and specifications of the press brake, the WILA tools that you already have, and the type and thickness of the material to be formed. Furthermore, you can also create a two dimensional sketch of the sheet part.

The Tool Advisor first checks whether tools in the existing WILA New Standard Premium range are suitable for the bending issue. In most cases, a variety of standard tools will be suggested these possible tools can then be sorted by such factors as price level, maximum load, bending freedom, and working height.

Design own special

If the required tool is not available as a standard solution, it is possible to immediately design a special tool and order it via our Webshop. Price and delivery time for all special tools are immediately given online.

After registration the Tool Advisor is available via: webshop.wila.nl/tool-advisor

If you have any questions about the Tool Advisor, please contact us at: +31(0)573 289 890.

WILA launches Tool Advisor: Fast and easy online tool advice!

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