Monday, May 07, 2018

WILA introduces 255mm (/12) Tooling Segment

For all New Standard BIU top tools and OZU bottom tools, WILA is introducing a new tool segment (/12) that is 255mm in length. The biggest advantage of the /12 (length 255mm) instead of the /6 (length 200mm) is that this is the longest possible tooling length for compatibility with the ATC-G7 Gripper. Also, this is the longest tooling length that can be equipped with Safety-Clicks® for most top tools.

The 255mm /12 tool length is being phased in and will be our new standard stock item. Our /6 (with length 200mm) will no longer be an inventory item but will still be available to order.

The 255mm /12 tool length can now be found in the Webshop for both top and bottom tooling.

WILA introduces 255mm (/12) Tooling Segment

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