WILA Wave Wedges

For very precise bending results

Machine frames of the press brakes tend to deflect during the bending process which, if left uncorrected, will prevent the top tool from fully entering into the bottom tool. This means the bending angle will be inconsistent across the entire length, and a very inaccurate bending result will be obtained. However, WILA has devised a very advanced solution for resolving this commonly encountered problem: WILA Wave Wedges.

The WILA Wave Wedge is a special wedge system that you can incorporate into the lower beam or table of your existing press brake. This technology automatically supports bottom tools across the whole length of the press brake.

  • Always provides an extremely consistent bending angle
  • Available with automatic or manual drive systems
  • Mounted on the right-hand side as standard
  • Localized adjustments provided for compensation for machine tolerances along the Tx axis

More information
Would you like to know more about the special wedge system (WILA Wave Wedge)? Then please feel free to contact us via the contact form or via +31(0)573 289 850. Our Technical Sales Engineers will be pleased to offer you specific advice. You can also read more in the WILA Wave Wedge flyer ยป
WILA Wave Wedges

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