Monday, March 13, 2017

WILA 'Smart Industry Ambassador'

Since last week, WILA can officially call itself the 'Smart Industry Ambassador' for the Netherlands. This will allow us to promote the Smart Industry objective of reinforcing the competitive position of the Netherlands by introducing more digitalised processes. 

Smart Industry has been a feature of WILA's production processes for quite some time. Robot manufacturing cells (RMC’s) and smart measurement machines are being used to communicate with each other, detect errors and perform repairs in good time. This is yet another step in optimising the interaction between man and machine. Employees are able to act more efficiently because errors are detected by machines. Automation and punctual responses by employees have thus made processes more accurate, which means faster and more sustainable production can be realised.

In addition, the launch of the WILA Web-shop is perfectly in line with developments in the Smart Industry. Our e-commerce model ensures that the whole supply chain, from production process to end user, is fully digital (via our self-developed ERP system) and paper-free. The process has also become shorter because quotes can be requested without intervention from WILA, and products can be ordered directly via the web-shop. This automation speeds up the process, manual actions are kept to a minimum and the likelihood of errors is reduced. 

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WILA 'Smart Industry Ambassador'

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