Monday, March 21, 2016

WILA's innovations well received at TechniShow

WILA attended the TechniShow between 15 and 18 March. Although the exhibition started slowly, visitor numbers picked up considerably as the week progressed (culminating in a peak on Thursday). The innovations showcased during the week - TIPS and Pneumatic Tool Holders - were well received by the public. Comprehensive explanations about these innovations were also provided during the 'Guided Tours', which attracted great interest.

"Slide yourself to victory!"

A 'sliding competition' was also organized to show people how our innovations actually work. Visitors had to use the Easy to Move system to 'slide' a tool as close as possible to a particular point. The distance was then measured using the TIPS system and tools were clamped in place using a pneumatic clamp.
Winners of the 'sliding competition':

Tuesday: Bart Ghesquière - HACO
Wednesday: Ronald Mille - SafanDarley
Thursday: Aant van der Zee - SMI Plaatwerk
Friday: Bram te Woerd - Saxion Hogeschool Enschede


 Bart Ghesquière - HACO                           Ronald Mille - SafanDarley

WILA's innovations well received at TechniShow

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