Press Brake Productivity Wax

Cleans, maintains and protects tools

The Press Brake Productivity Wax ensures WILA Tooling always remain in top condition. This concentrated, liquid spray wax has been specially developed for cleaning, maintaining and protecting WILA tools.

By simply applying a layer of wax after use, you can keep the surface of your tools in top condition. The wax is suitable for all New Standard tools, accessories and holders. The canister features an excellent spray head, which allows wax to be applied easily and uniformly. Then simply dry off with a clean cloth, and your valuable tools will have a lasting layer of protective wax. This will give an extra boost to your productivity!

  • Cleans, maintains and protects
  • Suitable for all New Standard tools, accessories and holders.
  • Adhesive and protective layer of wax

More information
Do you also want to effectively maintain and protect New Standard tools? You can order the Press Brake Productivity Wax in our webshop or complete the contact form if you have any questions. We will contact you as soon as possible.
Press Brake Productivity Wax

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