Thursday, October 10, 2019

Part 5 Retrofit series: 'Tooling up for success'

In the October edition of FabShop Magazine you will find the fifth Retrofit article 'Tooling up for success'(written by our colleague David Bishop, WILA USA). This article is part five of a series of six articles on the theme of Retrofit.

In the upcoming months we will take you into the world of Retrofit, through the following articles:
  • What is Retrofit and why a retrofit may prove to be beneficial?
  • Is a retrofit right for my business?
  • Available features and technology with Retrofits 
  • What can I expect when I invest in a Retrofit?
  • Choosing the right tooling package for a Retrofit.
  • Case study.
Part 5 Retrofit series: 'Tooling up for success'

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