Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New in WILA Webshop: Order accessories

Since the first of June WILA has launched a webshop for its tools! In addition to the New Standard top and bottom tools it is now also possible to order various accessories via the webshop:

  • Flattening tools (DDU-series)
  • Radius Tool Holders and Tool Holders for various other inserts (HU-series)
  • Radius tools (RU-series)
  • Inserts for offset and for flattening (INZU-series)
  • Adapters and Extenders (TSU-series)
  • Press Brake Productivity Wax

In the WILA webshop it is possible, after registration, to request quotes and view prices and delivery times. Automating these processes can lead to a drastic reduction in response time allowing you to order tooling and accessories online quickly and easily any time you require. The webshop also features product information about Tool Holders (Clamping, Crowning and Bottom Tool Holders).

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New in WILA Webshop: Order accessories

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