New Standardƒ Clamping

Innovative and super-fast clamping systems for clamping tools to the upper beams of press brakes. The Universal Press Brake Concept (UPB) makes it possible install New StandardWILA-symbol Clamping Systems on any press brake.

The advantages:
  • Extremely fast press brake tooling changes
  • Maximum control of vertical tolerances during the bending process (Tx- axis alignment)
  • Extremely accurate clamping, positioning and alignment
  • Individual clamping pins for each tool segment for superior clamping force
  • Vertical and horizontal tool loading and unloading for maximum speed and safety
  • Professional finish, including a slide rule for ease of tool positioning
  • Suitable for all press brake brands and sizes
  • Provides maximum productivity when used in combination with WILA Tooling

New Standardƒ Premium Clamping

The ultimate in accuracy and performance

  • Highest quality for all press brakes
  • Extremely high workload capacity and durability
  • All load bearing and clamping surfaces are fully CNC-Deephardened® (ca. 56 HRC) for maximum durability
  • Guaranteed maximum term performance
  • Capable of clamping and positioning top tool segments as small as 10 mm in length
  • Suitable for both head and shoulder-loaded tools
  • Maximum tool weights for self-seating of tools
    • Hydraulic: 300 kg per meter
    • Manual: 180 kg per meter

New Standardƒ Pro Clamping

A high quality alternative for all press brake with limited open height

  • Quality in accordance with strict WILA standards
  • Comparable performance with New StandardWILA-symbol Premium Clamping Systems, but without hardened load bearing and clamping surfaces to reduce cost
  • Capable of Clamping top tool segments as small as 15 mm in length
  • Suitable for both head and shoulder-loaded tools
  • Great value for investment
  • Maximum tool weight
    • Hydraulic: 100 kg per meter
    • Manual: 180 kg per meter
New Standardƒ Clamping

Hydraulic Clamping

High efficiency for frequent and fast tool changes
Ideal for meeting the most demanding requirements. Perfect for robotic tool changes. A flexible hose along the entire length of the system is used to transfer oil pressure to the tooling via hardened clamping pins, providing maximum reliability. Once the Clamping system has been activated, all tools are automatically positioned, centered and aligned.

Manual Clamping

An effective economical solution for less frequent tool changes
Clamping bolts are used to center tools in the required position. A manual Clamping system may be a good alternative if tools are not changed very frequently.

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