Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Improved operator ergonomics ensures higher productivity!

Fast and safe changes without the physical wear and tear

All of us will probably have to work longer hours in the future.  The impact of this trend is putting unnecessary stress on our bodies.  This usually results in on-the-job injuries and missed days of work.  These factors have a negative impact on an organizations productivity.  In the metal industry, press brake operators are required to change out tools on a regular basis.  Many of tools are heavy and difficult to move.  By leveraging WILA’s smart technology applications, operators can be safer and more productive resulting in lower costs and higher profits.

- Safety-Click®
The WILA Safety-Click® safety feature makes it possible for vertical tools to be changed in vertical position by simply clicking them in and out of the holder. The Safety-Click® has been integrated into top tools (up to 12.5 kg). 

- Easy to Move® system
The WILA Easy to Move® system involves placing special bearings inside tools, which allow (heavy) tools to be moved horizontally both safely and quickly.  

WILA’s advice

If both applications (Safety-Click® and Easy to Move®) are implemented, the workload of operators can be significantly reduced and work place injuries can be prevented. Improved tool-change convenience significantly improves set-up time and operational productivity. This is a win-win press brake productivity solution for any organization!

Would you like to know more about fast and safe tool changes?

We would be happy discuss the application and implementation of the Safety-Click® and Easy to Move®systems. Please call +31(0)573 289 850 or send an e-mail to inquiry@wila.nl.

Improved operator ergonomics ensures higher productivity!

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