Heavy Duty segment

Besides the standard product assortment, the WILA New Standard range also has a number of New Standard Premium Tooling and Tool Holders specifically for thicker sheet materials: the Heavy Duty segment.  In this segment, the Clamping System, Crowning System and Bottom Tool Holder can cope with a maximum load of 800 T/meter.

Heavy Duty Tooling
The Heavy Duty segment features special Tooling which are needed to bend thicker sheet materials. Naturally, these tools are larger and heavier. The Easy to Move┬« (E2M) roller bearing system has been developed for top and bottom tools in the same way as regular New Standard tools with Safety-Click┬«. The same level of speed and safety can be retained for Heavy Duty versions.  The roller bearings in the tool can literally be activated within a split second, which lifts the tool and makes it easy to move quickly and safely.

In addition, it is possible to place pillars around the Crowning System or Bottom Tool Holder, whereby bottom tools are supported and a safe bending process is guaranteed. Guards with a restraining device are also strongly recommended so tools can be loaded and unloaded safely.

More information
Would you like more information about the Heavy Duty segment? Please contact us via info@wila.nl or +31(0)573 289 850.
Heavy Duty segment

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