Easy to Move® (E2M)

The WILA Easy to Move® (E2M) bearing system is a system designed for quick and safe handling of heavy top and bottom tools in and out of the Tool Holders. This improvement in change-related convenience considerably reduces configuration time and has a positive impact on productivity.

How does it work?

New Standard top and bottom tools are equipped with special (pre-assembled) bearings, which allow you to move the tools laterally in a non-clamped state quickly and safely without using a lot of force. The Tool Holders should be equipped with a roll-out prevention.

Easy to Move® (E2M) top tools
Top tools are provided with bearing safety pins in the adaption of the tool.
The bearing safety pins in the adaption of the tool are applicable for: Head and shoulder load top tools with a minimum tool length of100mm. The tool weight should be between 12,5kg and 100kg. 

Easy to Move® (E2M) bottom tools
New Standard bottom tools are provided with an internal lift system, whereby the middle part of the bearing tang can be activated and deactivated manually. This internal lift system is applicable for a tool weight with a maximum of 140 kg and minimum tool length of 200mm. The minimum width of the tool should be 30mm.

Guard E2M®
The Guard for the Heavy Duty System has an extra safety blocking feature. This restraining device has been designed to prevent tools equipped with E2M® feature from rolling out the end of the holders. All New Standard upper Tool Holder systems (since 2010) can be provided with Easy to Move® (E2M) Guards.

More information
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Easy to Move® (E2M)

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